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Gifts For College Move In Day is Just Around the Corner

Gifts For College Move-in Day: Getting ready for college is a time-honored tradition that is both exciting an a little scary. There are so many questions? What can I bring? What should I buy? Do I have everything I need? Whether your student is moving to the University of Washington or headed to Everett University Center, certain things are essentials like bedding, desk accessories and a laptop. But what else does a freshman need to make sure their living arrangements are both practical and fun? Stadium Flowers has created a list of items that you may not think about for a college dorm room. Read More about Gifts For College Move In Day is Just Around the Corner »
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Decorating College Dorms with Gifts & Plants

As the summer begins to wind down, we once again turn our attention to back-to-school preparations - and those heading to college are the first to return. By the numbers, 20 million students are preparing to swarm college campuses over the next few weeks. Nearly 12 million of them will be attending an institution of higher learning for the first time; and of that group, approximately 4 million will be moving into dormitories. As preparations are taking place across the greater Seattle area, there are a few easy steps you can take to ensure that your student has the best possible chance at success when living away from home. Stadium Flowers has been a part of your major life events for decades, and we look forward to helping you and your student transition into this new phase of life as well.  Read More about Decorating College Dorms with Gifts & Plants »
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