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Strike Gold With Unique Finds

Discovering new, interesting or unique finds is always an exciting moment. You feel like you’ve struck gold when you realize you can find interesting gifts, exclusive home decor, or fabulous one-of-a-kind items. The design experts at Stadium Flowers are excited to introduce you to all of our gift products. By now you know we design beautiful floral arrangements for every occasion. However, we also feature awesome gift baskets, sets and unique extras that can be added on to any floral design. Peruse our collection of unique gift designs for every occasion and find something perfect for your next gift-giving occasion.  Read More about Strike Gold With Unique Finds »
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Sapphires, Asters, & September Birthday Celebrations

It is time to celebrate those observing a September birthday. Just as we do every month, we have two inspirations to draw from, in the form of a monthly birthstone and a birth flower. In September, the birthstone is the sapphire and the flower is the aster - and Stadium Flowers has everything you need to be inspired by either one. When having flowers delivered to your loved ones, you can always trust our talented floral designers to create an amazing gift.  Read More about Sapphires, Asters, & September Birthday Celebrations »
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Birthday Bouquets featuring Gerbera Daisies

Each month of the year has its own special ambassadors to symbolize the birthdays that take place during the month. In April, birthdays are represented by the diamond birthstone and the daisy birth flower. The daisy is an appropriate choice, as April is the first full month of spring - and the daisy is the quintessential spring flower. Although you may immediately think of the classic white and gold daisy, the Asteraceae family to which that flower belongs is one of the largest in the world and accounts for over 10% of the planet's flowering plants. In other words, there are many ray flowers in the daisy family. This April, Stadium Flowers would like to suggest that you consider the gerbera daisy as the perfect choice for birthday bouquets and arrangements.  Read More about Birthday Bouquets featuring Gerbera Daisies »
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Custom Birthstone Bouquets All Year Long

Celebrating birthdays with flowers is a cherished tradition - and for very good reason. Everyone loves receiving flowers for their birthday (or any special occasion), and flowers have even been scientifically proven to encourage happiness. This year, when you are deciding on the perfect designs for your loved one's birthday bouquets, you can make them even more meaningful by letting monthly birthstones inspire you. Call the experts at Stadium Flowers, and we'll get to work imagining creative floral arrangements they will love. Birthstones have been a part of our traditions and culture for thousands of years. There is mention of twelve colored stones on the breastplates of the Hebrew priests in the Old Testament, and it was the ancient Greeks who began to associate stones with birth months. In modern times, we primarily use the birthstones for aesthetic purposes and for personalized gifts.  Read More about Custom Birthstone Bouquets All Year Long »
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