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Honor and Remember Our Country’s Freedom

Independence Day is a holiday to honor and remember our country’s freedom. As the fireworks explode over the sky on the 4th of July, your family and friends enjoy the celebration. Also, everyone will enjoy the festive colors of the red, white and blue. You may be planning a nice evening dinner or an outdoor barbeque. Either way, Stadium Flowers is the place to go to find bouquets and centerpieces for your 4th of July festivities. Read More about Honor and Remember Our Country’s Freedom »
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Bring The Outdoors In

Summer is here with all the sights, sounds and scents of the outdoors. Bring the outdoors in with beautiful blooms from Stadium Flowers! Fresh flowers can make any part of your home feel like summer has officially arrived. The vivid colors of flowers wake up our senses and remind us of long summer days and warm summer breezes. Let our dedicated floral stylists arrange a bouquet that will be perfect for your home! Read More about Bring The Outdoors In »
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Farm Fresh Flowers & The Bees That Love Them

As the call for more organic products becomes loud and clear, farmers everywhere are beginning to trade in former methods of pest-control for safer and more environmentally-friendly ways. When you support your local farms, you encourage these practices even more, and help a local business thrive, as well. Even flowers can be grown responsibly and free of harmful toxins. Stadium Flowers recommends choosing farm-fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables where eco-friendly methods are being used in all of the crop production. By buying locally and from environmentally-conscious growers, you are encouraging the healthy development of produce and flowers in your area. Read More about Farm Fresh Flowers & The Bees That Love Them »
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Kitchen Flowers To Balance The Busy Life

Often times, we think of our kitchens as a busy work space, full of activity and maybe even a little bit of chaos. Preparing meals, cleaning up after meals, and sometimes even eating the meal itself can create a frenzy of busyness. Stadium Flowers recommends creating some balance between the busy life of a kitchen and the calming effect of a beautiful plant, bouquet or dish garden. Bringing a bit of nature into your kitchen counter or bar area can add a finishing touch that leaves everything a little calmer. Read More about Kitchen Flowers To Balance The Busy Life »
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Travel To Hawaii From Your House

Even if you aren't going somewhere exotic this summer, Stadium Flowers is here to reassure you, it's going to be okay. If you're faced with the prospect of seeing everyone else's amazing trips posted all over social media this July, or you've got the travel bug real bad but haven't planned that major vacay this summer, don't fret. It's entirely possible to evoke a well-traveled vibe in your own home without packing a single bag or booking a single flight. Do it through flowers. Read More about Travel To Hawaii From Your House »
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Make It An Unforgettable Dinner Party

We're officially in summer now, with the solstice just this past week, and it's the perfect time to host a seasonal party. This is an occasion to plan a robust menu full of the fresh fruits of the season---a charcuterie teeming with meats and cheeses along with figs and olives. Citrus-flecked ceviche, platters of luscious salmon and bowls of gazpacho. And waiting in the wings? A juicy dessert, something along the lines of cherry pie or icy cold sorbet. With a menu such as this, you're going to need an equally inspired centerpiece. The flowers should be bright and festive and full of good humor, a sense of lightness and sweetness. Stadium Flowers has just the thing. Read More about Make It An Unforgettable Dinner Party »
Posted by stadiumflowers on June 24, 2018 Flowers Summer Flowers

Prettiest Of Peonies In Early Summer

Peonies are having a moment. They're likely to be heavily featured in the royal wedding on May 19, and since 2016, they've been steadily increasing in popularity. As summer's iconic blossom, they can seemingly do no wrong. Though there are more than 30 species, when we talk about peonies, we're usually referring to the herbaceous variety. You know the one. The darling of social media, it's that version that arrives as a tightly closed bulb, big as your fist, and then slowly unfurls, seemingly petal by petal. Here at Stadium Flowers, we can entirely understand all the peony love. Delicate, romantic and yet sturdy as all get out, peonies are like summer's earliest gift to us. Read More about Prettiest Of Peonies In Early Summer »
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Creating a Beautiful Backyard Garden

Nature is pretty spectacular. Not only are the individual aspects of nature beautiful, fascinating, and amazing - but the interdependence exhibited by our ecosystem is something to behold. In the summertime especially, the connected lives of butterflies, bees, flowers - and us - are on full display. Flowers need butterflies to pollinate, bees need flowers to eat, we need bees to pollinate thus supporting our food supply. Therefore, creating gardens that are not only colorful and beautiful but that support bees and butterflies is something to be proud of. The floral experts at Stadium Flowers would like to use this opportunity to share some ways that you can cultivate a garden that is as good for the environment as it is for your well-being. Read More about Creating a Beautiful Backyard Garden »
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Summer Party Decor & Floral Centerpieces

Every season has its charms, but there is just something magical about summer. Warm sunny days, long lazy evenings - and getting together with family and friends is an annual tradition. Whatever your idea of the best summer gathering, from a casual barbecue to a gourmet dinner on the deck, Stadium Flowers has the summer party decor that is sure to turn any get-together into a special occasion. A Colorful Affair: In the summertime, it is all about the color! Go for vibrant hues like neon pinks and oranges, bright blues and vivid yellows. This is no season to be shy!  Read More about Summer Party Decor & Floral Centerpieces »
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