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Send Condolences With Sympathy or Funeral Flowers

Memorial Day is arriving soon, which brings thoughts of celebrating lives lost in the line of duty. Often sending funeral flowers or sympathy flowers is an appropriate way to grieve with those who are grieving and show the family in mourning that we are sympathetic to their grief. A beautiful bouquet of flowers sent to the family's home, also known as sympathy flowers, can be a wonderful comfort to a family that is grieving. Likewise beautiful flowers sent to the church or funeral home directly, know as funeral flowers, can be a beautiful demonstration of your memory of the lost loved one. The floral experts at Stadium Flowers have a variety of lovely designs appropriate for saying final farewells. Read More about Send Condolences With Sympathy or Funeral Flowers »
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A Memorial Day To Remember

On May 28th, we honor those who lost their lives in service to country, a sacrifice that touches all of us. We come together with friends and family to remember the heroes particular to us, and also to embrace and enjoy the people in our lives now. Because of the three-day weekend (and the fact that Memorial Day is widely considered to be the beginning bookend of summer), many of us will be spending time outdoors, attending parades, hosting backyard barbecues or simply throwing the football around in the fresh air. Stadium Flowers thinks it's the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor space. Read More about A Memorial Day To Remember »
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