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Stadium Flowers

Posted by stadiumflowers on September 3, 2020 | Last Updated: September 15, 2020 Flowers

Lux Items to Combine with Flowers

If you’re looking to make your next gift to someone special in your life pretty suburb, then we’ve got some ideas for you. First, start with flowers. Adding a bouquet of flowers to a gift instantly makes the gift seem luxurious and special. Flowers are gorgeous, natural, and fragrant. Plus, they are proven to boost your mood, promote tranquility, and increase levels of happiness. What more could one want? Combining flowers with another item is an easy and affordable way to add a level of luxury to the entire gift ensemble.

Here at Stadium Flowers, we’ve got you covered! Just choose a beautiful bouquet of flowers stunningly arranged by our floral design experts, then keep reading for gift ideas that will make anyone swoon with delight.

Blush, Cream,  Pink and Rose notes create an elegant mix of fresh flowers. Trendy and Beautiful for the perfect gift!  Roses, Dahlias, stock  and seasonal Premium textures and soft florets. Elegant and Modern.

Rose Gold

Affordable and Awesome Luxury Gift Ideas 


Spa Essentials

Spa items such as fancy soaps, lotions, and bath bombs are great gifts to combine with flowers as it lets your recipient know they should be pampered like a queen. 

Artisanal Chocolates

If you’re going to pair another gift with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers from your florist, then you certainly can’t have it be some run-of-the-mill item. Think out of the box and original with hand-crafted, artisanal chocolate that will look as awesome as they taste. 


Sweetly fragrant and beautiful, fresh, lush blooms paired with perfume makes for a wonderfully aromatic gift any girl will love. 


Flowers make everything more beautiful and divine…even jewelry. Try it out for your next gift to your loved and you will see. 


Make it an exquisite night by pairing a nice bottle of wine with a stunning arrangement of fragrant florals. Take the time to breathe in the aroma of the wine as it mixes with the aroma of the flowers to have a truly unique wine-tasting experience.