Weathered white ceramic planter featuring an assortment of green foliage with a coordinating white blooming plant.

Rustic Dish Garden

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 A ceramic planter featuring an assortment of green foliage with a coordinating white blooming plant.

Standard approx.7"W x 10"H

Nestled in the embrace of a chic ceramic planter, our Rustic Dish Garden is a symphony of greenery that brings a whisper of the serene outdoors into any indoor space. At Stadium Flowers in Seattle, WA, we've handpicked an ensemble of foliage, each leaf and frond telling its own lush story. The soft, verdant leaves are a testament to nature’s enduring beauty, creating a tapestry of different textures and shades of green. As your eyes wander across this lush oasis, they descend upon the star of the garden—a white blooming plant that stands as a graceful contrast. It's like a gentle suggestion of elegance amidst the sturdy greens. Each of these living sculptures is tenderly placed in an earthy, round ceramic vessel, whose rustic charm accentuates the natural splendor of the plants.

Standing approximately 7 inches wide and 10 inches tall, the standard size of this dish garden makes it a perfect addition to any office desk, home nook, or as a heartwarming gift. It’s a living, breathing gesture of well-being and growth, making the Rustic Dish Garden a thoughtful and lasting gift that brings a sense of calm and an organic touch to any environment.

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