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Posted by stadiumflowers on December 18, 2017 Uncategorized

2018’s Traditional Romantic Flowers With A Twist

When International Floral Distributors released their annual floral design trend report, we here at Stadium Flowers took note of one style in particular. Of the four identified, we’re singling out “Positively Posh” in this week’s blog. Why? It’s so beautiful, for one.

The real reason to look ahead to 2018’s most coveted styles is to feel inspired and renewed by the idea that floral design evolves. There’s always room for creativity and invention, both on the part of designers and flower customers themselves. That said, the “Positively Posh” trend wouldn’t be difficult for anyone to get behind.

This look is traditional, romantic and yet modern. It utilizes delicate blooms in a wash of pastels and neutrals (think pale gray and pink) with an occasional pop of violet or crimson for contrast. Bouquets such as these are lush and lavish, but stay just this side of excessive, as their shape usually shows some restraint. The effect is whimsical and dreamy. You can see what we mean reflected in our Memories design. Beautiful white flowers combine with blush colored roses, exotic green orchids, fragrant stock, and captivating white lilies in our signature, leaf-wrapped vase.Here texture is key, as it is in the “Positively Posh” trend. A crucial feature is that these designs look layered, even ruffled, which is what gives them so much impact. We think they work as focal points in the home, centerpieces, event flowers and romantic gifts. Since they’re never too heavy or overdone, they can work for many occasions. Let us at Stadium Flowers know how we can help you bring a little positive posh to your life next year.