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August Gladioli Birthday Bouquets

august birthdayFor every month of the year, experts have chosen a special flower, hand-picked to represent that month. This month, August gladioli¬†birthday bouquets and floral designs are showcased. This bold, vibrant species serves as the perfect choice of birth flower during the long, colorful days of summer. In creating floral designs for this month’s celebrants, the experts at Stadium Flowers use this impressive bloom to add height, drama and beauty to their bouquets.

It is clear why gladioli blooms are also referred to as “sword lilies”. These dramatic flowers grow tall and proud, their slender stalks ranging from 2 – 6 feet when cultivated in the garden. In antiquity, they were associated with the valor and honor of victorious gladiators; and they still represent those personality traits today. Gladioli are linked with courage, strength of character and integrity – making them a wonderful addition to any August birthday bouquet. And while it is true that the towering cut stalks add altitude to a summer arrangement, the gladiolus also stands quite well on its own. A vase of fresh cut gladioli stands above the rest as a stunning floral gift.august birthday bouquet

The symbolism of the gladioli is that the heart has been pierced by love – what a wonderful way to express your emotions to the special someone celebrating in August! This is no time to be shy. The floral designers at Stadium Flowers will create a personalized bouquet of confident and eye-catching gladioli specifically for the object of your affections. This is where our expert floral¬†artists really shine. Give us a call, tell us what you need, and we will create a custom floral display that will end all rivals – after all, this is a gladiator’s flower.

At Stadium Flowers, we know that flowers speak a language all their own. When choosing an August birthday bouquet, gladioli will communicate your sentiments beautifully – whether here in Everett or Lynnwood, or across the country.