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Birthday Bouquets featuring Gerbera Daisies

birthday bouquets

Each month of the year has its own special ambassadors to symbolize the birthdays that take place during the month. In April, birthdays are represented by the diamond birthstone and the daisy birth flower. The daisy is an appropriate choice, as April is the first full month of spring – and the daisy is the quintessential spring flower. Although you may immediately think of the classic white and gold daisy, the Asteraceae family to which that flower belongs is one of the largest in the world and accounts for over 10% of the planet’s flowering plants.

In other words, there are many ray flowers in the daisy family. This April, Stadium Flowers would like to suggest that you consider the gerbera daisy as the perfect choice for birthday bouquets and arrangements. birthday bouquets

Gerberas are large, hardy flowers with generous blooms. They grow in bold, vivid colors that will bring the life to any party – ranging from deep crimson reds to fiery oranges and hot neon pinks. Because this daisy variety has a thick, sturdy stem, it holds up well in mixed flower arrangements and allows the cut gerbera to look beautiful for an extended period.

Did You Know? The daisy’s name comes from the Anglo-Saxon term “daes eage” or “day’s eye”.  The flower was originally given this name because of its habit of closing in the evening hours and opening again in the morning sun. However, the gerbera variety of daisy does not close overnight.

birthday bouquetsBecause of their confident and expressive countenance, gerbera daisies hold their own in a stand-alone bouquet or blend beautifully with other spring flowers. If you are looking for the perfect flower for a bright and festive April birthday gift, you’ve found it. Browse our collection on our website, or call Stadium Flowers to design your own bouquet. When it comes to the freshest and best floral design, we are your best call in greater Seattle and Everett.