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Stadium Flowers

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Bringing the Outside In, or the Inside Out!

outdoor plantsIt’s a classically American theme. We love our wrap around porches with white rails and comfortable chairs. Glass walled solaria with streaming sunlight comfortably immerse us in the landscape, while backyard decks with lanterns and umbrellas beckon us outside in the evening. We love the outdoors – and the addition of flowers and plants to our outdoor spaces add the natural beauty and ambiance we desire.

Imagine sipping iced tea while rocking in a chair and watching the neighbors walk by; and overhead, a stunning display of gorgeous and vibrant blooms which drape graciously out of hanging baskets. Our Petunia Basket will make a beautiful summer addition to any porch; consider hanging several from shepherd’s hooks to adorn your lawn.

outdoor plants

Mixed Sun Basket

If you have an enclosed porch or atrium, you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while regulating the conditions, and virtually any flower or plant will thrive. When decorating this type of room, popular selections include floral arrangements or plants that could be growing outdoors; for instance, cut flowers give the appearance of being fresh from the garden and give a natural and warm feel to any room.

Outdoor plants

Petunia Hanging Basket

The ways to decorate an outdoor space are limited only by your imagination. From classic to modern, there are outdoor plants and flowers that will reflect the ambiance of the outdoor space – and here at Stadium Flowers, we are looking forward to providing the floral décor you desire. Visit our Everett or Lynnwood flower shops today to choose the perfect arrangement.