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Carnations from Stadium Flowers

carnationsThe carnation often doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Thought to be simple and even cheap, the carnation actually has a rich and varied history amongst gods, kings and dignitaries.


Given that the carnation is the official flower of January, and kicks off our New Year of floral significance, we’d like to take a look at some interesting carnation facts.



  • The name carnation likely comes from the the root word for “corona” or “coronation”, because it was often featured in the floral garlands worn by Greek gods. Its scientific botanical name is Dianthus, which literally means “flower of the gods”.
  • Its association with deity doesn’t end with the Greeks. One Christian legend claims that carnations first appeared as Mary wept for Jesus during His crucifixion; as her tears reached the ground, they became carnation flowers.
  • The red carnation is the official state flower of Ohio, birthplace of U.S. President William McKinley. The President, who was assassinated in 1901, always wore a red carnation in his lapel during speeches and important appearances; after his death, the state adopted it in his honor.
  • The flower also has a close association with Mother’s Day, with pink carnations being the blossom which is said to signify a mother’s love and devotion.


Carnations are wonderful flowers to use in a standalone bouquet, but are just as often used in mixed bouquets, especially popular because of the many colors available. Speaking of color, you can even change the color of a carnation – simply place a cut carnation in a glass of water with food coloring or dye, and the flower’s petals will absorb the hue.


There is no doubt that there is more to the carnation than meets the eye. If you have a loved one celebrating a birthday in January, consider sending carnations – just give Stadium Flowers a call. Whether in the Lynnwood or Everett area, or across the country, we’ll make sure they get delivered beautifully.