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How to Celebrate May Birthdays with Emerald Bouquets

may birthdaysAs the birthstone for May, the emerald signifies rebirth, renewal, and good fortune; which makes it the perfect representative for spring. The Greek word for emerald translates literally to “green”; and as expressions of nature’s beauty, the color green and the Emerald are both verdant ambassadors for the month. Stadium Flowers is eager to provide you with the florals you’ll need to celebrate all of your loved ones this May. After all, florists appreciate all may birthdaysthings green!

The science of gemology separates the color of stones into three facets – hue, saturation, and tone. Emeralds, most iconic in the deep green color that they are famous for, can be yellow-green to blue-green; the deeper the green, the more chromium, and vanadium are present in the stone. Given the wide spectrum of green hues, when choosing a floral gift for May birthdays, a broad selection of flowers and plants would be appropriate. We can’t all afford an emerald – but we can all consider an emerald-inspired bouquet of fresh flowers.

The springlike hydrangea is a beautiful example of green flowers to create your emerald bouquet. Succulents also make exquisite arrangements. You may not realize that roses and day lilies are also available in green; as are one of the most exotic green flowers, the cymbidium orchid. With so many options, it will be easy to design a unique and special floral arrangement for your friend or family member, decked out in green and ready for the birthday party.

For the more traditional gift giver, Stadium Flowers offers a selection of green plants and potted trees that make beautiful – and healthy – additions to home or office. This month, get inspired by the gorgeously green emerald and send all your friends who are celebrating a lavish arrangement. Stadium’s expert florists are ready to design a unique floral bouquet – leaving everyone green with envy.