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Posted by stadiumflowers on January 8, 2015 | Last Updated: October 29, 2020 Uncategorized

Celebrating National Houseplant Appreciation Day

With the holidays past, sometimes things can get a little dull around your house or office. That’s why houseplants are so nice! They serve as both a source of décor and they cheer up everyone who has the chance to spend time around them. January 10th is National Houseplant Appreciation Day—the perfect time to add a new plant to your home or office. If you’re not sure the right one to choose, consider one of these beauties.

  • Trio Bird Garden – Three nesting birds in a bright, beautiful basket of flowering plants make this a beautiful sight. This is a bright, blooming plant that will keep your home or office looking warm and inviting for weeks to come.
  • Lavish Peacock – For those who like bright and whimsical, the Lavish Peacock is a plant that can’t be missed. The decadent greens are peppered with bright flowers, and a couple of large, colorful peacock feathers complete the look.  These bright additions turn the plant basket into an exotic masterpiece that is sure to catch the eye of everyone who comes over to your house, or who enters your office.
  • Woodstock – Maybe flowers aren’t your style.  The subtleties and heartiness of green plants may be perfect for you! This is a fun and unique take on the typical green plant option. A rich tapestry of green plants are dotted with little touches like a realistic owl—all in a gorgeous mahogany basket. This is a perfect centerpiece or office gift.

If you would like some help finding the perfect plant for your home (or office, hey we don’t discriminate!) for houseplant appreciation day, contact the team at Stadium Flowers. We work with customers both local and from around the world. We can find you a plant that will put a smile on your face and bring a little green into your indoor space.