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Choosing Flowers to Send Romantic Messages on Valentine’s Day

flower meaningsValentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s our favorite holiday because we get to help our customers send romantic m

essages to the people they love. This Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to feel pressured about finding the perfect flowers to send to the person you love. Our team of experienced Stadium Flowers floral designers is eager to make this a fun experience for you.

In case you haven’t thought of alternatives to roses, we’d like to suggest tulips. They are one of the first of the spring bulbs to emerge from the ground after a restful winter. Tulips also happen to be the national flower of Holland. They suggest that someone is a perfect lover, and represent fame.

Our Tantalizing Tulips arrangement is the ideal way to send multiple messages at the same time. Red tulips convey your feelings of true love while white tulips symbolize newness, heaven, and purity. Pink tulips are indicative of affection and caring, and purple is a symbol of royalty. If you feel as though you’re in love with someone even though you’re in a budding relationship with them, this beautiful bouquet of brightly colored tulips is a delightfully romantic way to convey those feelings.

Perhaps you want to express your romantic feelings with something different than the traditional red roses. If you wish to deliver a more powerful message, do so with our best-selling Two Lips and Roses arrangement. Red roses represent passionate love while red tulips suggest you’re declaring your love. Pink roses suggest perfect happiness, gentleness, grace, appreciation and admiration. Pink tulips reinforce the feelings of respect and appreciation while white tulips represent newness and purity.

If you’re actually celebrating something and you want to tell someone that being with them is a heavenly experience because you’re deeply in love with them, then deliver that message in style with our Rose Extraordinaire arrangement. The combination of pure red roses and pure white lilies convey all of those sentiments with class and style.


Be sure to place your order for Valentine’s Day flowers early. We’re eager to help you make this Valentine’s Day as special and romantic as possible. Call us or come in to talk about combining different types of flowers to send a personal message, or place an order online.