Stadium Flowers

Stadium Flowers

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Christmas Cactus, they’re here!

Our Zygo-Cacti, otherwise known as the Christmas Cactus are here in our Everett and Lynnwood store locations! They’re the perfect indoor plant for the holiday season with their emerald green body and brightly colored flowers.


They appreciate bright but, indirect light and thrive in normal temperatures of 65-80 degrees. Their continued growth depends on small sources of humidity, so misting them with distilled water weekly will ensure proper maturity. Unlike most cacti, these Christmas Cacti cannot tolerate completely dry soil. Monitor the soils moisture by sticking a finger in the top inch of dirt. If it is completely dry, water.

In addition to periodic watering, plants that are actively growing should be given a blooming house plant fertilizer. It is important to follow the directions on the bottle for how much and how often you should use the product. Typically, we feed ours 2-4 times a year.

Is your cactus growing out of control? Try to prune your plant one month after it has bloomed to encourage the plant to produce new foliage.

For additional resources or to purchase a Christmas Cactus, visit us in Everett or Lynnwood, shop our website,, or give us a call 800-889-4050.

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