Stadium Flowers

Stadium Flowers

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Creative Centerpiece Ideas

There are many creative and unique ways to spice up a table setting and add color. 

  • Create visual interest by using different heights, some short and squatty and some tall and grand.
  •  Create a planter: Use succulents such as chicks and hens and cactus planted in a simple planter that matches your wedding. They are fun and interesting and easy to keep alive after the wedding. They are great also to give away to special guests at the end of the wedding.
  •  Another way of creating visual interest is to create 3 different styles of centerpieces. This makes it fun for guests to go around and look at each centerpiece.
  • Use fruit paired with flowers. Think one large cube vase filled with flowers to match your wedding. Add two other small cubes and make a grouping. Fill these with fruit that match your wedding. This is a fun way to add color and save money.

  • The above picture features a submerged dahia with a floating candle on top. This was a fun way to bring the sea to life in a centerpiece. The dahlia looks like an anemone would under water. The candle is a fun way to add ambiance to the centerpiece. There are many other flowers that work well to submerge under water to create a similar but different look.



  • The above pictures are utilizing submersible LED lights. These are great to add some light to an evening wedding. They are also an option when candles are not allowed. The top picture is a purple LED light and the bottom is a clear LED light. It is a fun way to add color and interest to your centerpieces. The light reflects in the water to brighten the room.

  • The above picture features a tall cylinder vase with Crystal-soil beads layered in clear and purple. This is another way to add color and reflect light. These are a fun medium to work with and can be used in any size or shape of vase. They come in a variety of colors including: clear, white, bloom, emerald, bright green, yellow, orange, purple, red, and ruby.