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Custom Birthstone Bouquets All Year Long

birthstone bouquets

Celebrating birthdays with flowers is a cherished tradition – and for very good reason. Everyone loves receiving flowers for their birthday (or any special occasion), and flowers have even been scientifically proven to encourage happiness. This year, when you are deciding on the perfect designs for your loved one’s birthday bouquets, you can make them even more meaningful by letting monthly birthstones inspire you. Call the experts at Stadium Flowers, and we’ll get to work imagining creative floral arrangements they will love.

Birthstones have been a part of our traditions and culture for thousands of years. There is mention of twelve colored stones on the breastplates of the Hebrew priests in the Old Testament, and it was the ancient Greeks who began to associate stones with birth months. In modern times, we primarily use the birthstones for aesthetic purposes and for personalized gifts. 

birthstone bouquetsWhen designing birthstone bouquets, the rich colors of the stone are expressed in the floral palette. Here is the list of annual birthstones and their colors.

birthstone bouquetsJanuary – Garnet (deep red)
February – Amethyst (lavender purple)
March – Aquamarine (bright blue)
April – Diamond (white and crystal)
May – Emerald (green)
June – Pearl (off white flowers)
July – Ruby (vibrant red)
August – Peridot (yellow/lime green)
September – Sapphire (deep blue)
October – Opal (whites, pastels)
November – Topaz (amber, orange)
December  – Turquoise (light blue)
bThe experts at Stadium Flowers look forward to celebrating a new year of special occasions and moments with you. Whether you select one of our pre-designed arrangements or would like us to create a custom bouquet, we guarantee that your loved ones will receive the freshest, most beautiful birthstone bouquets in Snohomish County. Call us today, and let’s get started on a brand new beautiful year!