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Daisies are for April

daisiesApril is the month that best represents all the newness and excitement of spring. Everett and Lynnwood are in full bloom, the sun is shining – there is anticipation in the air as the new season takes hold. It is no surprise that the official birth flower of the month of April is the daisy; the iconic white petals and yellow disc center are the quintessential emblem of springtime. Daisies signify the innocence and simplicity of childhood, and they are a meaningful choice when celebrating this month’s birthdays.


What better way to show your affection for someone in springtime, than with a fresh bouquet of spring daisies? Even their name reflects the renewal which is occurring all around us this time of year. The name “daisy” originated from the Old English “daes eag”, which translates to “days eye”. Daisies, acting very much like their relative the sunflower, love the sunlight – in the evenings they close their petals into an enclosed bud, only reopening when sunlight reappears.


The classic yellow and white shasta daisies are the most recognizable to many people, but daisies grow in a broad range of varieties and colors. Lesser-known African daisies have apricot, yellow and orange petals; while the bold and vibrant gerbera daisy is found in nearly every color of the spectrum. Stunning colors like pink, red and orange blend well with wildflowers and exotic flowers alike.


There is a lot to celebrate in April; including the birthdays of many family and friends. Choosing a floral arrangement comprised of daisies is a meaningful way to show your loved ones how special they are to you – while simultaneously honoring all the beauty of the season. Stop into Stadium Flowers to pick the perfect bouquet for all your April occasions.