Stadium Flowers

Stadium Flowers

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Decorating College Dorms with Gifts & Plants

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As the summer begins to wind down, we once again turn our attention to back-to-school preparations – and those heading to college are the first to return. By the numbers, 20 million students are preparing to swarm college campuses over the next few weeks. Nearly 12 million of them will be attending an institution of higher learning for the first time; and of that group, approximately 4 million will be moving into dormitories. As preparations are taking place across the greater Seattle area, there are a few easy steps you can take to ensure that your student has the best possible chance at success when living away from home.

Stadium Flowers has been a part of your major life events for decades, and we look forward to helping you and your student transition into this new phase of life as well. college dorms

Creating a comfortable and homey ambiance in the college dorms goes a long way to ensuring your young adults success. By surrounding them with colors, styles, and objects that are important to them, you create a personal oasis which encourages them to live, study and relax in the most advantageous way possible. For instance, if your student brings a favorite pillow to sleep on instead of purchasing something new, familiarity should promote better sleep. Hanging family photos will remind them of their support system at home, and provide solace if homesickness creeps in. And the addition of green plants has many benefits as well.

Set Them Up For Success: Green plants may not seem very powerful, but in reality they are amazing tools that can help your student every day. As natural air purifiers, they remove toxins from the air. Cleaner air allows for increased concentration and focus, as well as improved concentration and memory function. Not only that, but they promote a feeling of well being and relaxation. It seems green plants may be the perfect dorm decor for serious students! college dormsCheck out the entire Stadium Flowers collection of green plants, and don’t forget to consider cheerful flowers for birthdays, or simply to cheer up a student who may be a little overwhelmed. After all, they may have left your home, but they are still very much in your heart.