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Stadium Flowers

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The Essential Spring Tulip

March 20 marks the official first day of spring. It is also the date on which the Vernal or Spring Equinox occurs. Although we’d like to think that the first date of spring coincides with the end of cold wintry weather, the date has more to do with the rotational axis of the earth and its relationship to the sun. Fortunately, our Seattle area customers are in luck because regardless of what Mother Nature does or says, you can count on Stadium Flowers to bring you a spectacular variety of spring’s freshest cut flowers.

Nothing says or feels more like spring than fresh tulips! Our Tip Toe Tulips arrangement offers our customers a choice of 20, 40, or 60 tulip stems in mixed colors, depending on what is available. A vase full of tulips is an ideal way to add color to a workspace or office and to rev up the heat inside your home – especially on a cold and rainy day. And we’re used to seeing a lot of those days. So you can forget about what’s happening outside when you’re surrounded indoors by colorful fresh cut tulips wherever you look. It will feel like an outdoor garden without any of the mess.

fresh bright mix of local tulips in a clear glass vase. Elegantly styled with Leaves wrapped inside the vase . Choose the Premium mix with 60 stems . If you’d prefer to fill the indoor spaces where you spend time with other spring flowers, that’s okay, too, because Stadium Flowers has an abundance of colorful flower arrangements and potted blooming and green plants that will brighten every indoor area in your home or workplace.