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Posted by stadiumflowers on August 12, 2018 Uncategorized

Farm Fresh Flowers & The Bees That Love Them

As the call for more organic products becomes loud and clear, farmers everywhere are beginning to trade in former methods of pest-control for safer and more environmentally-friendly ways. When you support your local farms, you encourage these practices even more, and help a local business thrive, as well. Even flowers can be grown responsibly and free of harmful toxins. Stadium Flowers recommends choosing farm-fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables where eco-friendly methods are being used in all of the crop production. By buying locally and from environmentally-conscious growers, you are encouraging the healthy development of produce and flowers in your area.

Some of our favorite fresh arrangements include this Farm Fresh Mix, a delightful ensemble of flowers in multiple textures and every color of the rainbow. These unique blooms are raised responsibly, which give them such a fresh, healthy appearance. Bright red and orange roses, yellow Gerbera daisies, blue and pink hydrangea, and plenty of greenery mingle together for a delightfully natural effect.

Rich in texture and color, each one of these farm fresh bouquets are unique with the vast variety of flowers available.

Choosing farm-fresh, locally grown produce and flowers is an excellent way to support efforts toward a healthier environment. Talk to the floral experts at Stadium Flowers for more ideas about how you can incorporate some of these methods in your own garden, too!