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Posted by stadiumflowers on February 24, 2015 Birthdays Flowers

This February Give Violets

shutterstock_196566356 The birth flower for February is the violet. What better way to welcome spring! Here at Stadium Flowers, we get excited to see the vibrant colors of new plants and flowers as they arrive at our shop. We want to share that enthusiasm with all of you, so you can capture that spring-like feeling for someone who has a birthday this month.

There are historical references showing the importance of violets – either as a symbol, or merely as literary references.  From Greek gods, to the stories of kings and conquerors, the violet has an illustrious history.

 Greek mythology tells us that Zeus created the delicately-scented violet to feed to his lover after she had been disguised as an animal to keep her safe from Hera’s wrath.  Violets were also an important part of the myth of Persephone.  She was seen by Hades, god of the underworld, while walking through a field of violets.  He fell in love with her and brought her with him to the underworld, but every spring she would return to the earth.  And with her came the springtime violets.

 Violets also held fame among the days of French Imperialism.  Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife, Josephine, both held a fondness for violets.  Josephine grew them in her garden and was known to adore their scent.  Upon Napoleon’s death, he was found to be wearing a locket containing a lock of her hair and a violet.

Sweet Bird Garden

Sweet Bird Garden

Violets are most frequently seen growing outside in hedgerows. It is too early to see them growing outside now, so we assembled self-contained gardens in planters. The brightly colored flowers and plants we choose are sure to recreate the feeling of spring wherever you send them.

If you’re desperate to have a hint of spring inside, “Gnome Sweet Home” is sure to send that message. We placed an adorable garden gnome in this elegant basket filled with brightly colored flowering plants. The flowering plants may include begonias and violets, and we add green plants to give the feeling of a lush outdoor garden.

No one will question whether spring is in the air when you give someone “A Sweet Bird Garden.” We filled a basket with spring pastel-colored flowering plants. Expect to find begonia, Kalanchoe, violets and mums, surrounded by ivy and accented with the small bird.

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