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Flawless Flowers for Breast Cancer Awareness Gift Giving

One of the best ways to raise awareness about breast cancer is to give a memorable gift! With October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, make sure you visit Stadium Flowers for a beautiful selection of floral gifts all in pink.

Show You Care with Carnations

Carnations are a thoughtful gift for someone afflicted with breast cancer. Pink carnations, in particular, hold a very special meaning. Since these flowers represent motherly love, bouquets of pink carnations are given when you want to say, “I’ll always be there for you.”

With those thoughts in mind, send the “Pink Reverence” arrangement to someone you know that has been affected by breast cancer. Stadium Flowers also sells pink carnations by the bunch so that you can make your own arrangements, table decorations and more.

If you’re hosting an awareness event, you can’t do without the international symbol for breast cancer awareness. That is why we created our very own pink ribbon made entirely out of pink carnations. Use this standing easel display as the focal point of your breast cancer awareness decorations.

Give Hope with Stargazer Lilies

Stargazer lilies have an especially meaningful story behind them. In 1978, Leslie Woodruff, in a quest to make the perfect flower, created the hybrid stargazer lily. These flowers, with their bold colors and heavenly fragrance, have come to represent perfection and achievement. If you know a breast cancer survivor, send her a bouquet of gorgeous stargazers as a sign of admiration for her success in the fight against cancer. At Stadium Flowers, we offer the “Lily Bouquet” with bright stargazers and statice as well as a huge bouquet of farm-fresh Skagit Valley stargazer lilies.

Building Awareness with Roses

Few flowers are as attention-grabbing as roses, so if you really want to raise awareness during the month of October, pink roses are the best way to do it! As the first domesticated rose color, pink roses hold a certain sentimentality that is perfect for honoring those who have suffered with breast cancer.

For a bright splash of color, a dozen lively long-stemmed pink roses creates a beautiful display. However, if you’d prefer a more subtle rose, give the timelessly elegant “Traditional Pink” roses. The soft shade of these beauties will bring warmth and joy to their recipient.

Beautiful flowers are the perfect gift if you want to raise awareness during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Stop in at one of our two locations to catch a breathtaking glimpse of Washington’s finest flowers. Throughout the month of October, Stadium Flowers will have the flawless flowers you need to raise breast cancer awareness.