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Floral Design Day at Stadium Flowers

floral design dayFlowers seemingly have been an integral part of our culture and societal traditions since the beginning of recorded history. In Egyptian society, the lotus flower (or water lily) was a part of both celebrations of life and death; in ancient Greece, carnations were used to weave coronation crowns, and in Victorian times flowers were used to send secret messages to lovers. In fact, it is in these clandestine communications that many of our modern floral meanings were conceived.


On February 28, we will celebrate flowers in a different way. National Floral Design Day recognizes the inherent beauty of all the thousands of species of flowers, and how an original arrangement can be considered a true living work of art. One variety of flower, or a compilation of several; monochromatic or the spectrum of colors; flowers are a creative medium in which to work. By applying knowledge of color, composition and space; expert florists imagine masterpieces every day.

floral design day

Professional floral designers are generally inspired by one focal flower – it may be more prominent, more eye-catching or exhibit a unique shape – as the starting point of the bouquet. The arrangement is constructed from there, adding balance with contrasting or complementary flowers, or natural elements such as geometric leaves, delicate grasses or stalks of bamboo. These details add interest and contrast to the arrangement; as does a container specially selected to fit the mood of the piece.


At Stadium Flowers we are committed to celebrating the artistry of flowers. The passion behind every one of our creations is to exhibit the joy, the beauty and the deep meaning that flowers stir in our souls. Whatever your décor style, whatever the occasion, our expert florists are trained to design a floral arrangement that will bring grace and sophistication to your space. We believe that flowers are works of art. For all your Seattle area occasions, or just because – we’d love to envision a floral masterpiece just for you, and then beautifully bring it to life.