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Stadium Flowers

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Flowering Plant Ideas To Hang On To

It’s time to spruce up your front porch—spring is here!

Stadium Flowers cannot overstate the impact of a good hanging basket or cluster of new outdoor plants on your front porch or entryway area. It’s high time to put something flowering up high, giving your front door a welcoming vibe and a major refresh.

To see the impact a new hanging plant can have, simply look to our Mixed Sun Hanging Basket. This lush cascade of mixed potted plants lets you customize your look, with colorful flowers popping here and there and tendrils of green spilling down. It’s the kind of front-porch piece that speaks to lazy days in the yard, afternoon picnics and stopping to smell the flowers. Like a living chandelier, hanging baskets bring a sense of decoration to your entryway and welcome others into your home.

Mixed potted plants that enjoy being in the sun.

Stop by Stadium Flowers to browse our green plants, flowering plants, succulents and orchids. Pick up several to create the look you want at your point-of-entry, or to bring some life to your back porch or patio.