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The Flowers Your Boss will Love for National Boss’ Day

National Boss’ Day was started by Patricia Haroski in 1958 as a way to give everyone’s bosses the honor and appreciation they deserve. At the time, Haroski felt that workers often didn’t understand the challenges that supervisors faced every day. Since then, National Boss’ Day has grown from a small affair to an internationally recognized holiday. Traditional gifts for your boss include flowers, potted plants and gift baskets. Stadium Flowers carries each of these things, and we’re happy to help you choose the perfect gift for your boss!

Fabulous Fall Flowers

One of the most thoughtful gifts you could get is a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Since National Boss’ Day is celebrated in October, flowers in blazing autumn colors fit the bill perfectly! Try the unique “Fall Equinox” arrangement. Lilies, orchids, mums and roses come together to create an exotic bouquet of autumn-inspired blooms.

If you’d like to add a dash of elegance to the office, send your boss the “Autumn Splendor” bouquet. Deep red roses and carnations are set off by fiery lilies and yellow solidago. The aptly named “Many Thanks,” with lush red roses and royal purple stocks, is another classic arrangement that will show your appreciation.

Blooming Plants, a Long-Lasting Gift

Why give cut flowers when you can present your boss with a gift that keeps giving? Potted plants are an excellent way to decorate the office, and they’re a long-lasting gift that will help your boss feel appreciated year round! If your boss likes bright colors, the “Lots O’ Dots!” European garden is the way to go! This lovely little container comes with daisies, begonias and pretty greenery.

Orchids are another excellent plant for the office. Send your boss this classic “Radiant Orchids” planter to really make an impression! Like orchids, bromeliads also hail from tropical regions, and they’re a wonderful plant that grows well in an office environment. Not only that, but bromeliads also represent good luck and success, which makes them a great gift for your boss.

Beautiful and Delicious Fruit Baskets

If you’re still unsure which flowers are best for your boss, try a fruit basket instead! You can mix fruit and flowers with something like our autumn-themed “Double Feast” basket, or you can send a simple basket filled with seasonal fruit and fine chocolate.

Whether you choose flowers, fruit or both, you definitely don’t want to miss National Boss’ Day! After all, your boss spends all year working hard for you. Take this day to remind your boss that you appreciate their efforts – and do it with a beautiful gift from Stadium Flowers!