Flowers Delivered for Just Because Day

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just because day

In the 1960’s, a man in California told his wife that the radio he had purchased for her was “just because”. Little did he know that we would be writing about those simple words 50 years later. His act inspired his family to begin to set aside one day each year that they would do whatever they chose to do – no reason needed. Their fun was soon recognized by friends and neighbors, and the custom grew. Incredibly, in 2005 the holiday was added to the national registry which tracks whimsical observances, and a new tradition was born.

On Just Because Day, it is perfectly acceptable to do something unexpected, to be spontaneous, and to stop worrying about the routines of life for a few hours. How will you celebrate this day? The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas from your friends at Stadium Flowers. 

just because day

  • Have dessert for breakfast – and perhaps for lunch as well.
  • Refuse to pick up your phone, and instead spend the day exploring your town with your family.
  • Send a lavish bouquet of Mom’s favorite flowers. She misses you, and you’ll make her day.
  • Stop by a playground and play like you were a kid.
  • Give compliments to strangers you pass on the street – hand them a single rose or daisy as well!
  • Curl up in your pajamas all day and catch up on your guilty pleasure TV show.
  • Send roses and a handwritten note to a teacher or mentor who changed your life with their influence.

just because dayLife is busy, and we often get caught up in routines, schedules, and responsibilities. On Just Because Day, take some time to yourself, surprise the ones you love, and have some spontaneous fun! We also think you should send yourself some flowers – after all, you shouldn’t need a reason to surround yourself with beauty.

The experts at Stadium Flowers are dedicated to delivering flowers for all of life’s special occasions, or for no occasion at all. On August 27, forget rhyme or reason. Make them smile. just because.



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