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Stadium Flowers

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Flowers Made For Winter

No one would dispute the uplifting effect flowers have on us. Studies confirm that they can enhance a person’s mental clarity and promote a positive outlook. They clean the air, literally breathing life into a space. In fact, we can’t think of a single bad thing about flowers, except for the fact that they don’t last forever. Then again, that just makes us appreciate them more.

Stadium Flowers believes that there’s no better time to bring as many flowers as possible into your living space than winter.

Given the shorter days, longer nights and chill in the air, bringing the outside in matters more than ever in December and January. We may spend less time outside, and therefore less time enjoying the benefits that green growing things give us. Look to bring in flowers that contribute to a lighter feeling, like our Soft Surrounding bouquet. Featuring roses, tulips, and orchids, this arrangement is crafted in a clear glass cube or hand-crafted purple glass cylinder.

The pastel colors and soft, velvety textures involved in this simple clutch of flowers is not only visually arresting but calming. Place flowers like these anywhere you might need to add some warmth or to relax – they could work on a nightstand, in the bathroom, in the kitchen and even as a piece on the table.

Flowers can act as a gentle reminder that spring will come again eventually, though plenty of flowers bloom in the winter, too.