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Flowers for Sweetest Day

On Sweetest Day, celebrate the sweet ones in your life. Whether you have a sweetheart, sweet friend, or a sweet loved one, there is no better way to say “I love you,” “I am sweet on you,” or “I really appreciate the way you sweeten my life,” than with a beautiful bouquet from Stadium Flowers. So, this year, celebrate Sweetest Day right by sending the sweeties in your life flowers with their candy.

Sweethearts: On Sweetest Day, your sweetheart deserves the most romantic of flowers – roses. Whether you give him or her a single stem or multiple dozen, roses communicate passion, desire, devotion, and, of course, love. To deliver a message singularly of passion, stick with red roses. If you and your partner have a relationship that is also fun and playful, go with a bouquet which incorporates multiple colors of roses. If your romance is extra hot, celebrate Sweetest Day with our Rosa Caliente bouquet, which heats up the bouquet with chili peppers.

Sweet Friends: No one brings more sweetness to our lives than our friends. Make sure to thank your dearest pals for all the flavor they bring into your life with a beautiful floral arrangement. While yellow roses classically symbolize friendship, you can add some personality to the gift with a seasonal arrangement featuring autumn blooms and colors (and yellow roses, if you wish). In addition to always including the freshest cut flowers, some of our autumn arrangements also feature seasonal ceramic vases such as pumpkins, baskets, or miniature fruit carts which can be enjoyed for years to come.

Sweet Family: Do not forget to celebrate your family on Sweetest Day as well. Since these are some of the people you know best, send them the gift of a plant which will complement their decor and bring them pleasure for years to come. At Stadium Floral, we have everything available from blooming plants and green plants to European gardens, dish gardens, and even fairy gardens. Whether your loved one enjoys a the Zen of a contemporary dish garden or the playfulness of a colorful fairy garden, our planters are beautifully arranged in designs to complement almost any decor.

This Sweetest Day, remember that sweetness means more than just sugary treats like chocolates and candies in heart shaped boxes; it also stands for love, appreciation, and friendship. So, remember to celebrate with everyone you love by sending flowers and candy from Stadium Flowers.