Stadium Flowers

Stadium Flowers

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Flowers are part of the human condition

We often think of flowers as a symbol for something whether it is love, friendship or the celebration of  a life well lived. But what happened today, was truly an expression of what flowers can be and how they can be reinvented to fit into any circumstance of our lives.

Robyn Johnson writes after leaving the memorial of her mother, Dessa Johnson Heider (October 26, 1917 ­– January 10, 2011).

“When Connie and I left the funeral yesterday, we left with the large flower sprays so I could drop Connie off with the flowers so she could take them to church on Sunday.  Unfortunately, when we got to Kingston, to Connie’s car, the flowers did not fit so we brought them home with us.  What happened today was really outstanding! Later, I went to a church in Port Orchard to help young high school girls celebrate becoming “Fathoms of Fun”, for incoming & outgoing Royalty Ambassadors.  When we got there the church was just letting out so I asked the pastor of the church if he would like to keep the flowers after the event was over.  He said no.  So, I took the Large Flower sprays with me to this event and to my surprise the flowers were the perfect match to this ceremony as they were an exact match to the colors of the girls’ dresses.  After the ceremony, a couple of ladies overheard me talking to the priest about the flowers earlier, they said they would come back and pick them up the flowers if we still didn’t want them.  I told them that would be wonderful.  When they came back and they put them in their car and told me that a few of them were getting together tonight and to take the flowers apart and deliver them to a couple of nursing homes for Valentine’s Day. Thought you would enjoy knowing what we did with your wonderful flowers, I think our mother will be very pleased up there tomorrow when she looks down upon us! “

–          Dessa Johnson Heider Family