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Stadium Flowers

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Formal Flowers for the Homecoming Dance

formal flowers

Homecoming weekend is filled with fun events – from the big football game and tailgating festivities, to the crowning of the King and Queen, to the big dance! It is a weekend overflowing with nostalgia and history, as well as an opportunity to create new memories. Whatever Everett area high school or college you attend, you can trust the floral designers at Stadium Flowers to provide the homecoming flowers that will be just as memorable as the event.

Did You Know? The University of Illinois holds the record for the longest-standing homecoming tradition, which began in 1910 and continues to this day, 107 years later. They cancelled the festivities in just one year – 1918 – due to an influenza epidemic. 

formal flowers While corsages have traditionally been worn on the bodice of a dress, in recent years it is more popular to wear a wrist corsage, known as a wristlet. This more modern version of the wearable flowers is a combination of a bracelet and a floral design. The bracelet can be made of tulle, ribbon, or faux pearls or jewels. Once you make your wristlet selection, our designers will help you to choose the perfect fresh flowers to add.

While often customers seek to color match their dress perfectly, we encourage you to approach the decision with an open mind. There may be a gorgeous complimentary color or variety which we can recommend that will look striking with your gown. Also, you don’t want your flowers to blend too seamlessly into your look, but instead to have them stand out in a uniquely beautiful display!

Here’s A Hint: Choose your dress before considering your corsage. The style and color of the dress can inspire the perfect arrangements and colors for the flowers.

formal flowers Traditionally, the boutonniere flower was plucked from the lady’s corsage, in order to indicate their love and connection. While these days we don’t actually pull a flower from her piece, having a boutonniere designed from a similar floral variety is still traditional, and signals that you are together.

Whether homecoming flowers, or formal florals for a wedding or prom – you can be sure that the expert designers at Stadium Flowers are ready to make you look your best. It’s a night to remember, and your flowers should be just as memorable!