Stadium Flowers

Stadium Flowers

Posted by stadiumflowers on June 23, 2010 Uncategorized

Fun Photo Opp.

We had a beautifully striking combination of wedding flowers in the cooler this weekend but the most stunning was an orange and cream version that was going to make some lucky bride’s day. I had the pleasure of helping her family load these in the car and had the greatest experience.

The bride’s Mom, as well as Mom’s 2 best friends came to pick up the flowers. They were a little concerned when they saw all the boxes and were not sure what flowers would go where. I assured them that it would be simple, as everything was clearly labeled for them. Big grins could be seen on all 3 faces! 

On the way out to the car, they could not stop exclaiming how beautiful the flowers were as well as “thank you, thank you, thank you” but as we got to the car and loaded everything up they handed me a camera. The 3 of them posed, side by side, with our beautiful storefront as a backdrop so that I could snap their picture while they were holding the wedding flowers. As I handed the camera back to them, they quickly turned around and took pictures of our Stadium Flowers marquee too. More pictures followed – the flowers in the back of the car, Mom holding the bouquet, etc.

As an avid scrapbooker, I think I smell a scrapbooking weekend coming… 🙂

-From Andi at our Broadway Location