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Stadium Flowers

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Game Day Celebrations with Friends

game day gifts

For the sports fan, the month of October offers plenty to love. The World Series is on the schedule, and although as of this writing it doesn’t look like our Mariners will make it, most baseball fans will still be glued to the set to see the drama unfold. Of course, football season is in full swing, and getting together for the weekly game is a tradition for many. We suggest bringing a gift from Stadium Flowers that will add to the game day festivities – our Seahawk-inspired arrangements feature blue delphinium and hydrangea, green bells of Ireland and mum, matching ribbons and a game day balloon. We’ve got several to choose from, so go take a look! game day gifts

If you are headed to a friend or family member’s place to watch the game, there is an excellent chance that you’ll be sharing some snacks. In the spirit of the season, we’ve tracked down a list of the top foods consumed on game day. Not surprisingly, the list starts with chips – and with guacamole, bean dip and queso also making the list, there is plenty to accommodate those chips. Of course, buffalo wings made the list, as did pizza. And although beer isn’t officially a snack, it was included as well. Rounding out the list of our most popular choices is a bit of a surprise – cookies!

Friends and families are always looking for reasons to get together and celebrate, and game day gives us a great opportunity. This weekend, head over to Stadium Flowers to get a beautiful arrangement to thank your host or hostess – then pick up the pizza and cookies, and enjoy the game.