Stadium Flowers

Stadium Flowers

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Gift Giving on St. Patrick’s Day

social copyParades, shamrocks, leprechauns, and green everything fill the streets and homes of Americans each March 17th. This final, festive holiday of winter is a terrific time to decorate your home, work, or party with beautiful green plants and lush green flowers from your florist.

Everything is Green on St. Patrick’s Day

A century ago, St. Patrick’s Day was actually a rather somber occasion, and all the pubs in Ireland closed for the day to honor the memory of St. Patrick. Decades later, however, the celebration would change to one where Irish beer flowed freely, and the holiday was a raucous gathering of music and merriment.

One of the most popular activities for St. Patrick’s Day is turning things green that you’d never see in that color without the help of paint, food coloring, or some other colorized accompaniment. Obviously, food is one of the top choices for anyone looking for a fun display during St. Patrick’s Day, and you can turn green virtually any food.

Two of the most popular green foods you can give people include cake and cupcakes, but there are some other delicious options, too, such as spinach dip (naturally green!), lemon-lime punch, and shrimp & cucumber rounds, which make amazing appetizers for a St. Patrick’s Day lunch.

Décor and Flowers for Your Celebration

Beautiful green and white flowers are a mandatory addition to any St. Paddy’s Day celebration whether you’re sending flowers across the country to a relative who loves the holiday or you’re decorating your home for a party.

Emerald Wishes

Emerald Wishes

Do you have a sister who loves celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? Maybe your mom always dresses in green and attends the local St. Patrick’s Day parade. Surprise your mom with a fun clover garden in a pot with a nice big bow, or a basket of plants decorated with shamrocks.

Clover Garden

Clover Garden

Flowers for a Special Someone

If you’re looking for some flowers to give your significant other, you might think about an arrangement of green succulents and cymbidium orchids in a trendy little cube. Delicate cymbidium orchids actually come in green!

If your wife or significant other is actually of Irish descent, you can even think about an arrangement of orange and white flowers with ample greens. The Irish flag is orange, white, and green.

St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration for everyone because it’s a universal holiday of fun and enjoyment. Get your green shirts, green food, and green flowers ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this March 17th.