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Gifts During Administrative Professionals Week

Administrative Professionals Day

This year, Administrative Professionals Day arrives Wednesday, April 22, 2015 in the United States. Initially known as Secretaries Day when it was conceived by the president of the National Secretaries Association, the holiday was first celebrated in 1952. Observances featured an entire week devoted to recognizing the contributions of secretaries in the workplace.

A Brief History of Admin Assistant Celebrations

During the rapid economic growth of post-war America in the 1950s, many women entered the workforce in various clerical positions. Soon, an official organization for such professionals was created to support the needs of working secretaries, and a holiday followed a few years later.

Although the name of the celebration has changed over the years, the intent has remained the same: to recognize the contributions of administrative assistants in all work environments. An employee need not have the title of “administrative assistant” or “secretary” to be recognized as a contributing member of the office during Admin Assistant Week.

How Do You Celebrate Administrative Professionals?

Traditional gifts for assistants include vases of flowers, food, and small tokens of appreciation including desk accessories like colorful paperweights or useful office items. However, the gifts usually chosen depend upon how many years an assistant has worked at the office.

For a recently hired administrative professional, or for a company with a large staff to purchase for, small arrangements like On the Go make a perfect gift.  The flowers come in a reusable to-go cup that comes in multiple colors to brighten the office.  

Maybe you have someone who has been at the office for a long time, and handles everything, whether it’s their job or not.  That essential employee that holds everything together is truly deserving of thanks.  Something more spectacular might be appropriate, like the stunning Grand Gratitude arrangement in a stylish disc vase.

Appropriate flowers for the celebration often include cheerful spring blooms like gerbera daisies and carnations in festive little vases. You may also think about a small green plant housed in a nice ceramic vase or pot that will liven up the office with something beautifully green in what might be a standard office or cubicle environment.

Bottle Blossoms

Bottle Blossoms

Office-Wide Celebrations or Personal Gifts

Depending on the size of your company, each person who has an assistant, may choose to give a unique gift to an administrative professional. Alternatively, you may consider a larger celebration at a local restaurant as a way for upper management to recognize the overall contributions of assistants at the office.

Celebrate Administrative Professionals Week this year with a beautiful vase of flowers or a potted plant from Stadium Flowers. Recognizing the achievements of employees can have a positive impact on worker enjoyment at work, and Admin Professionals Day is a terrific time for a small gift or token of appreciation.