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Stadium Flowers

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Graduation Flowers and Gifts 2016

It is graduation season, and there are nearly 6 million students preparing to graduate across the country. These days are marked by pomp and circumstance, tradition and ceremony. The origin of wearing graduation robes goes back to the Middle Ages – at that time, the sole source of learning was the Church. The gowns were likely clerical robes; the mortarboard caps also have their origins in the headgear of Catholic clergy.

Academics have long viewed a graduation as an official rite of passage; one which signaled a major change in social status. Because the students are leaving one stage of life behind, and moving forward into a new place, the graduation lei is often a treasured gift. Leis are traditionally given when someone arrives someplace special; in this case, the precipice of life after school.

graduation flowers graduation flowers

Leis are most commonly made of orchids. These flowers allow for a greater range of hues, most useful when creating a lei that will reflect the school’s colors. Another way of using flowers to convey meaning is to learn about the hidden significance of each type of bloom and create a bouquet that conveys your personal feelings of pride and respect for the graduate’s achievements. For instance, the magnolia refers to perseverance; purple iris stands for wisdom and gladioli represent admiration. And to say “I am proud of you,” choose orange roses.

When your loved one walks across that stage, recognize their achievement with a graduation lei or bouquet from Stadium Flowers. They have worked hard to get to this point in their life, let us help you cheer them on a they move into the next stage.