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Posted by stadiumflowers on October 20, 2015 | Last Updated: July 12, 2019 Halloween

Halloween Flowers and Gifts for the Whole Family

halloweenIt’s Halloween, and we at Stadium Flowers would like to challenge the idea that Halloween is just for the kids. Sure, the jack-o-lanterns, apple bobbing and trick-or-treating seem to be reserved for them, but we suggest that this Halloween, you turn up your nostalgia and celebrate like a kid!


Take for instance collecting candy door to door. While as adults we can’t do that without garnering more than a few disapproving looks, we can turn the tradition around and send a basket of candy to our friends and colleagues. Imagine their surprise (and guilty pleasure) at receiving a collection of favorite childhood goodies, complete with a jack-o-lantern trick or treat bag! It’s a Halloween haul without all the walking, not to mention they don’t have to wear a costume.



Trick or Treat

If your loved one might not appreciate all the calories, how about sending a very mature trick-or-treat surprise? Halloween Glow is a delicious bouquet that offers yellow chrysanthemums, orange roses and red asters displayed in a jack-o-lantern cube vase that can be used for years to come. Halloween Lantern will light up the night with an LED lantern that illuminates a witches flight over beautiful fresh lilies, roses and asters. This unique arrangement will make a gorgeous addition to any home’s décor or can function as a beacon on a dark porch on Halloween night.


Halloween Lantern


We love Halloween, and we hope you feel the same. However you choose to recognize the holiday, the expert florists at Stadium Flowers have the flowers, gifts and sweet treats you need to celebrate Halloween like you used to! Decorate your home, brighten up the costume party, or send a treat to a friend – we’re waiting to help you to have a scary good time this year!

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