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Posted by stadiumflowers on October 6, 2016 | Last Updated: October 7, 2016 Uncategorized

Harvest Designs with Wild Accents

harvest designs

This time of year, wild accents and creativity are key to the harvest designs that grace our home decor and centerpieces. No matter the flowers, the addition of organic details provides an artistic element that elevates these arrangements from ordinary to extraordinary! There are many wild and exotic elements that you can choose from – here are just a few that Stadium Flowers has showcased this year.

This centerpiece combines red roses and green cymbidium orchids, gold embossed leaves and cattails, and a keepsake lantern with flickering candlelight. The skillful combination of such diverse items results in a unique design that will illuminate your table with artistic style. harvest designs

This basket which showcases not only fall flowers but cattails, berries, foliage, mosses, and grasses is one of our most classic harvest designs. What better way to celebrate the season than with an arrangement that utilizes wild and organic accents to create the perfect ambiance?harvest designs

Because our designers are talented artists, the bouquets and arrangements they create are far from just flowers in a vase. They work with colors, varying textures and details that add depth and interest – ensuring spectacular designs that are far from commonplace. The unexpected pairing of roses with desert succulents and eclectic grasses is another of Stadium Flowers surprisingly beautiful pieces. harvest designs

When your situation calls for something extraordinary, your first call should be to Stadium Flowers.  Our designers are dedicated to creating bouquets and arrangements that take your flowers to the next level. What can we imagine for you this season?