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Hydrangea Arrangements & Floral Designs

We are halfway through summer, and you may be looking for ways to add a bit of bright beauty into these long hot days. Transforming your decor for summer is as easy as choosing colorful flowers with a carefree vibe – and we can think of none better than the hydrangea. Known for lavish, generous flowers and a soft summery palette, the summer hydrangea is one of our favorites – and so this month, we thought we should shine a spotlight on this popular flower that sometimes gets overlooked.

Loved Around the World – Because the hydrangea is highly adaptable, it grows literally around the globe. Originally discovered in Japan, you can now find this prolific bloom cultivated everywhere from Asia to the Americas. hydrangea

The hydrangea is rarely arranged as a standalone flower, instead it tends to be a supporting player in mixed bouquets and arrangements. Whether providing a soft bed for roses, or a cool green or blue background for more fiery blossoms, this flower is definitely a team player. However, there is no reason this has to be the case  – this summer, how about ordering several large bunches of hydrangea? They will make the perfect light and airy summer centerpiece, for kitchen tables or picnic tables!

Did you know? Hydrangea are generally cultivated in shades of pink and blue; in fact they are one of only a handful of “true-blue” flowers in the world. Pale green petals are often seen on blooms which are losing their pigmentation, although some green and white hybrid varieties have been developed.


Hydrangea are very thirsty flowers, so it is imperative to keep them in fresh, clean water so as to prevent against wilting. You may also add a bit of alum to the water to help them along. But should they begin to wilt, simply submerge the entire flower in water, and you should see it begin to revive.

The heat of summer is on, but summer flowers present a cool and casual vibe that will make everyday more beautiful. To pick up some hydrangea – or any summer flower that you may be looking for – stop by Stadium Flowers today. We’ve got everything you need to turn every occasion into something special.