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Iconic Summer Flowers

summer flowersWhat do you think of when you think of summertime? Most of us think of long, warm sunny days. Kids are home from school, and vacations are scheduled and anticipated. Work hours may be shorter; but even if they are not, the days are longer – in fact, they are the longest they will be all year long! With so much more sunshine, our spirits are lifted, and we are happier and have more energy. Most of us are preoccupied with eagerly planning picnics, barbecues and get-togethers outdoors with our friends and family that will last long into the evening hours.

In the summertime, we love being outdoors.

summer flowersThe outdoors is splashed with color this time of year, be it wildflowers of the field or trees exploding with blossoms. In fact, one of the best things about summer flowers is their bright colors and vibrant energy. One of the most iconic flowers of summer is the sunflower – not only does it exude the color of sunshine, but the head of the flower turns itself to face the suns rays. What better symbol for our affinity for this present season?

summer flowersSome other summer flowers that surge in popularity this time of year are those that bloom well – marigolds and petunia, hydrangea and gladioli. The flowers of the aster family, including the daisy and the zinnia, can be found on every roadside and in every garden – and fresh cut asters make a perfect summer bouquet that will bring the sweet spirit of summer right onto your windowsill.

Come in to speak with the expert floral designers at Stadium Flowers. We are happy to educate you on the most popular flowers of the season, as well as which flowers pair well with others. For all your summer occasions and celebrations, let our expertise create bouquets that will transform your summer into a beautiful season.