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Stadium Flowers

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Inspiration for Summer Romance


From Everett to Lynnwood and across Seattle, romance is in the air. Do you feel it? August is National Romance Month, and true romantics throughout our area are devising romantic schemes and surprises for the ones they love. And while your spouse may expect flowers on Valentine’s Day or their birthday, you have the opportunity to catch them completely off-guard with an extravagant romantic gesture. After all, true romance doesn’t care what day it is!
romanceFrom roses to lilies, from orchids to daisies – there are so many ways to express your devotion through flowers. Our floral designers are experts at taking your story, and making it into a lavish floral bouquet; for instance, which flower did you give her on your first date? What is his favorite bloom? What flowers mean something to the two of you? Tell us your love story, and we’ll create the romance.

Romantic gestures are limited only by your imagination – you may wish to cover their office in rose petals, or have a bouquet delivered to your lunch table! But if you’d really like to turn up the romance, we have a great idea. Send us a copy of your bride’s wedding flowers, and we will recreate the bouquet. It is a deeply personal and meaningful way to celebrate this month dedicated to love. How about also sporting a replica of your wedding boutonniere¬†when you present your spouse with this beautiful gift? It’s the small touches that make all the difference, and¬†tell them that you would say “I do!” all over again.

romance The floral designers at Stadium Flowers are experts in creating the mood through flowers, so how can we help you? Give us a call, and let’s work together to devise the perfect romantic surprise for the one you love. It’s National Romance Month, and love is in the air.