Stadium Flowers

Stadium Flowers

Posted by stadiumflowers on July 21, 2011 Uncategorized

Is it really summer?!

Now I realize that our depressing weather has us all thinking about fall with a groan but I have to tell you that some exciting changes are in store for both our Lynnwood and Everett locations.

As we speak, our backrooms are loaded with boxes that have just arrived. I’ve always been one that can’t stand the wrapped boxes under the tree (because I just want to know what’s in them!!) so I’ve been peaking in every one. Let me tell you, there’s LOTS of really cute things in there!!

Keep your eyes open for you’ll start to see Halloween decorations emerging in the store. We’ll be loaded with all new items this year from 3’ tall witchy hats to striped witch boot containers. I’ve even heard rumors of webs and giant spiders too… eeek!