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July Birthstone Flowers from Stadium

july birthstoneEach month of the year has been assigned an official birthstone, a tradition which has been observed in cultures and down through the centuries. Birthstones have inherent meanings; and people who possess the gemstone are thought to be endowed with those special attributes. In July, the vivid red ruby is featured as the official gemstone. As these jewels are among the most desired and precious stones in the world, presenting rubies as a gift to your loved ones may not be possible. But here at Stadium Flowers, our expert designers have been inspired by this luxurious gemstone and have created a variety of red rose bouquets which will convey the same opulent decadence.

Rubies embody the virtue of passion and wisdom; legend also says that they provide protection and sanctuary to anyone who was fortunate enough to possess one of these rare stones. Because they rarely occur in nature in the classic rich red that they are known for, a true ruby is precious indeed; and was known in ancient cultures as “the King’s Stone.” Is there someone in your life who is just that cherished and extraordinary? Celebrate them with a ruby red arrangement of stunning flowers. The artistic floral experts at Stadium Flowers are skilled in utilizing the inspiration provided by the ruby birthstone to design a floral representation perfect for and July birthday.

july birthstoneTell your loved ones celebrating birthdays this month that they are unique and rare – stop into Stadium Flowers and let us create a personalized bouquet just for them.