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June Roses

rosesFor the month of June, here at Stadium Flowers, we’re celebrating roses. Everyone thinks of roses as the traditional flower of love. It symbolizes passion, devotion, sensuality, and ardor. It is the sacred symbol of the Goddesses Aphrodite and Venus. They were the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra’s favorite flower. They are connected with several intimate feelings, including the fullness of life, vitality, and the fulfillment of desires.

Roses belong to the genus Rosa. They also belong to the Rosaceae family. The most fragrant of these flowers are characterized by small, light-colored flowers. Some produce a fruit that is called “rose hips.” Rose hips are a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin C.

After his victory in the English War of the Roses, Henry VII, had English botanists crossbreed roses to create the Tudor rose. The Tudor rose ultimately became the Rose of England.


Red Roses

History and Origin of Roses

The discovery of rose fossils in Colorado that were over 35 million years old is proof of their existence in Ancient societies. A Sumerian Cuneiform tablet from 2860 B.C. mentioned roses. According to Confucius, the Chinese Imperial Library owned many books about roses.

Countries that Export Roses

The Netherlands is the world’s top producer of cut roses for the florist trade. The country plants them on roughly 8,000 hectares. Ecuador is another major producer for the floral industry. Roughly, 54 percent of the country’s cultivatable land is used to grow 5,000 hectares of roses. The small African nation of Zambia plants almost 80 percent of the country’s cultivatable land.

Symbolism of Rose Colors and Numbers

What Red Means

Red roses are the ultimate expression of love. Red rose buds, however, represent love for the first time. A red rose says, “I love you.”

  • Six red roses convey adoration.
  • Fifteen red roses express sorrow.
  • Twenty-five red roses send a congratulatory message.
  • When you want to tell someone that you love them no matter what, send 50 red roses.
  • Tell someone you’re devoted to him or her by giving him or her 100 red roses.
  • If you want to ask someone to marry you, give him or her 108 red roses.

An orange rose is what you give someone when you want more than a simple friendship.

Pink conveys a sense of admiration. Tell someone that he or she is sweet with a gift of pink roses.

A white rose suggests purity, innocence, and youth. White roses are popular in wedding bouquets because they represent new beginnings.

A light peach rose is an expression of modesty.

Yellow are bright, sunny, and happy. They also represent platonic love.


Rose Special

If you’re looking for a birthday gift for someone whose birthday is in June, our Rose Special is the perfect solution. We arrange a selection of beautiful multi-colored roses in a votive vase with accents of greenery and decorative butterflies.