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Posted by stadiumflowers on August 4, 2018 Uncategorized

Kitchen Flowers To Balance The Busy Life

Often times, we think of our kitchens as a busy work space, full of activity and maybe even a little bit of chaos. Preparing meals, cleaning up after meals, and sometimes even eating the meal itself can create a frenzy of busyness. Stadium Flowers recommends creating some balance between the busy life of a kitchen and the calming effect of a beautiful plant, bouquet or dish garden. Bringing a bit of nature into your kitchen counter or bar area can add a finishing touch that leaves everything a little calmer.

A perfect vision of nature for your kitchen counter or island is our Springtime Garden arrangement. This adorable wooden window box features the brightest colors of mixed flowers in pinks, yellows and purples with plenty of fresh greenery to compliment these blooms. Accented with a sweet bow and a butterfly, this piece will become the focal point of your kitchen, bringing warmth and beauty to all who see it.

A wooden green window box with a bright mix of spring- colored plants and accented with a butterfly and ribbon.

Your kitchen is often where life happens. Include a little touch of nature to soften the look of your kitchen and keep the environment fresh and welcoming. The floral experts at Stadium Flowers can help you find the perfect arrangement to compliment your kitchen decor, and we’ll gladly talk with you about customizing a design that works for you.