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Mother-in-Law Day Flowers

mother-in-lawThere is no relationship quite like a mother-in-law – and as such, she gets her own day to celebrate!


October 25th is Mother-In-Law Day, and it gives you the perfect opportunity to tell her just how glad you are that she is in your life. Whether your mother-in-law is your best friend, or if you are working on your relationship, a bouquet from Stadium Flowers is sure to deliver joy.


The classic color for mothers is pale pink, but who says that you need to be traditional? This gorgeous arrangement of pink and white stargazer lilies brings the hue to an elegant new level, and will bring refined beauty to any space. Or maybe your mother-in-law is cheerful and brings happiness wherever she goes – if that is the case, vibrant gerbera daisies, carnations and roses might express her personality perfectly. Not only will the colors make her smile, but the meanings behind each bloom have significance as well. Daisies symbolize happiness, roses embody beauty and carnations represent – what else? A mother’s love.



Why a special day to single out your mother-in-law? Let’s face it, she’s made quite a sacrifice; giving up her position as your spouse’s most important person! Sometimes, the adjustment can be hard and emotional. Most transition beautifully, and become a beloved part of your family. Although we think of her as mom, we still want to honor her in her special role. Along with your flowers, how about a heartfelt handwritten note, acknowledging what you love about her? She will treasure that sentiment for years to come.


At Stadium Flowers, we love celebrating every relationship in your life! Stop by our Everett or Lynnwood location and let us help you chose the right floral arrangement to send on Mother-in-Law Day. She’ll love you even more than she does right now.