Patriotic Floral Designs & Bouquets

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Patriotic Floral Designs

Memorial Day is one of the more solemn days on the calendar, due to the fact that it has a long history of giving honor to those who died in military service to this country. Memorial Day originated in the days following the Civil War, when groups spearheaded “Decoration Day” in order to decorate the graves of soldiers who died in the conflict. Over the years, the scope was expanded to include casualties of all wars; the name was changed to Memorial Day after World War I; and in 1971, the day was finally added to our national list of holidays.

Patriotic Floral Designs

Did You Know? After witnessing a terrible World War I battle, a Canadian poet named John McCrae penned “In Flanders Fields”, a haunting poem which spoke of the red poppies growing among the soldier’s graves. Because of this work, the red poppy is still associated with Memorial Day, worn as a flower in the lapel.

We may not use red poppies when we arrange patriotic floral designs, but our designers have created a collection which showcases the traditional red, white and blue in a variety of styles and colors. For instance, American Hero, offers a white basket filled with red, white and blue blooming plants (hydrangea, begonias, mums and violets are shown). to honor those that have served.  The plants arrive in their growers pot so they can be re-planted to create a lasting memorial.

Patriotic Floral Designs
The Patriot Mug is a perfect little reminder that you are thinking of them on this special day – the roses, mums, and daisies create a meaningful bouquet that is sure to remind them that thy are never alone.

Patriotic Floral DesignsWhatever your floral needs on Memorial Day – or any day – call the experts at Stadium Flowers. You can be sure that we will treat every order with the respect and honor it deserves.



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