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Stadium Flowers

Posted by stadiumflowers on May 27, 2018 Uncategorized

Perfectly Pleasing Peonies For Your BFF

It’s Best Friend’s Day on June 8, and the Stadium Flowers team is ready for it. Among our bountiful spring selection, we have blossoms fit for the most singular of friendships, pieces that stand in tribute—and reminder—as to just how meaningful and rare these kinds of relationships are. We want them to be everything, because that’s what our best friends are. Bouquets that are beautiful, colorful, expressive and fragrant are in order.

We’re talking about something like our Perfectly Pink Peonies┬ádesign, which combines two of the greatest flowers in existence. Peonies in pale and hot pink complement passionate stargazer lilies in all their glory. It’s a bright, feminine mix full of strength and character, with a dash of baby’s breath and some greens mixed in to create that lush, generous feeling. It’s impossible to look at a grouping of flowers like this and not feel as though you are cherished by whoever gave them to you.

Celebrate your best friends June 8 in as many ways as you can—brunch, dinner, movies and flowers. Plenty of flowers. Give them with a heart full of grateful appreciation for that person who is nearest and dearest to yours.