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Plant Gifts For Good Bosses

Each October we have the opportunity to recognize the hard-working individuals who make our work life easier. Our bosses support, encourage and mentor us so that our entire company or organization runs more smoothly. They bring out the best in us and do a multitude of tasks behind the scenes that we often don’t even realize. On October 16th, we honor the bosses in our lives who are fair, honest, supportive, approachable and encouraging. Stadium Flowers has created a fabulous collection of gifts, plants and floral arrangements all appropriate for you to give your boss this Bosses Day.

Surprise your boss with a gorgeous variety of plants and flowers in our Garden Culture dish garden. This beautiful hammered classic container is overflowing with fresh green tropical plants accented by an African violet for a pop of color. This will look beautiful on your boss’s desk or anywhere in the office.

 A dish garden of green tropical plants and an African Violet, accented with a garden friend in a hammered classic container.Show your appreciation for your boss and let him or her know how grateful you are for everything they do. Bosses Day is the perfect time to let your boss know you see how much they do for you. Talk to the professionals at Stadium Flowers about the best gift options for your boss. We’re happy to help you choose something perfect for Bosses Day.