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Prettiest Of Peonies In Early Summer

Peonies are having a moment. They’re likely to be heavily featured in the royal wedding on May 19, and since 2016, they’ve been steadily increasing in popularity. As summer’s iconic blossom, they can seemingly do no wrong. Though there are more than 30 species, when we talk about peonies, we’re usually referring to the herbaceous variety. You know the one. The darling of social media, it’s that version that arrives as a tightly closed bulb, big as your fist, and then slowly unfurls, seemingly petal by petal. Here at Stadium Flowers, we can entirely understand all the peony love. Delicate, romantic and yet sturdy as all get out, peonies are like summer’s earliest gift to us.

While we love an arrangement of peonies by themselves, this statement flower also plays nicely with others. OurĀ Farm Fresh Peony Bouquet is a great example of how gorgeous just a few can look surrounded by greenery and other herbs and cut flowers. This is the epitome of fresh, a bountiful, fragrant mix that would make the perfect housewarming, hostess, birthday or any reason gift, really.

 Fresh cut peonies with garden flowers and unique herbs.

Bring some beauty and life to your space (or someone else’s) with a batch of peonies. They are a joy to watch unfold, and offer the sweetest, lightest fragrance.